Glen Gairn granite. Scotland, Britain

The Glen Gairn intrusive complex occurs within the Caledonian granite batholith of the Eastern Highlands of Scotland. Close to the centre of a biotite granite to biotite diorite sequence lies the Glen Gairn granite which is zoned. The core is zinnwaldite-bearing and is rimmed by mineralized lithian-rich granite. Greisenization is minor and very localized, as is tungsten, molybdenum and tin mineralization.

Major Minerals:

Cassiterite, wolframite, secondary scheelite, molybdenite

Minor Minerals:

Zircon, rutile, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, pyrite

Trace Minerals:

Include columbite, galena, stannite, magnetite, uraninite, cosalite


Euhedral cassiterite and wolframite are zoned and twinned. Alteration of wolframite to scheelite is extensive. Sphalerite carries exsolved stannite group minerals and has suffered chalcopyrite disease


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