Quartz-sulphide veins associated with granites. Jersey,Channel Islands, Britain

The three granite outcrops on Jersey contain minor crosscutting quartz-sulphide veining.

Major Minerals:

Molybdenite, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, pyrite

Minor Minerals:

Galena, pyrrhotite, arsenopyrite

Trace Minerals:

Include stannite group minerals, tetrahedrite group minerals, bournonite, native antimony


Sphalerite stars have exsolved from chalcopyrite. Sphalerite has suffered from chalcopyrite disease. Oriented tetrahedrite and stannite group minerals are present in sphalerite; the latter is due to exsolution. Alteration of pyrrhotite to bird's-eye intergrowths of pyrite and marcasite is extensive


Ixer, 1980