Neves-Corvo, Portugal

The deposits of Neves-Corvo lie within the Hercynian Iberian Pyrite Belt and were discovered in 1977. The orebodies lie within a footwall of acid volcanics and hangingwall of shales and greywackes belonging to the Volcanic-siliceous Complex. The orebodies contain massive stratiform polymetallic pyrite ores and, close to the Corvo orebody, a stockwork (stringer) zone. The ores have been extensively metamorphosed but some retain relict sedimentary textures.

Major Minerals:

Pyrite, chalcopyrite

Minor Minerals:

Sphalerite, galena

Trace Minerals:

Include arsenopyrite, tetrahedrite group and stannite group minerals


The massive pyritic ores show graded bedding. Pyrite is both collomorphic and euhedral, where it carries pyrrhotite inclusions. Chalcopyrite has replaced pyrite along growth bands in the collomorphic ores but with little tectonic disruption, or along its cleavage in euhedral crystals. Sphalerite carries stannite inclusions and is intimately intergrown with chalcopyrite often with thin stannite rims between them


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