Lower temperature copper-bearing assemblages. Wood-tin. Devon and Cornwall, Britain

Major Minerals:

Chalcopyrite, bornite, pyrite, chalcocite, covelline, haematite, cassiterite (as wood-tin)

Minor Minerals:

Galena, sphalerite, arsenopyrite

Trace Minerals:

Include tetrahedrite group minerals, lead sulphosalts, silver sulphosalts


Rhythmical and botryoidal haematite or cassiterite (known as wood-tin) are common. Bornite-chalcocite form symplectite-like intergrowths and have sulphosalt inclusions. Sphalerite and chalcopyrite are intergrown with tetrahedrite group minerals. Galena carries silver sulphosalt inclusions. Alteration of primary sulphides to secondary copper sulphides is widespread


Hosking, 1969