South Lode. Wheal Jane, Cornwall, Britain

Tin-copper mineralization comprises an early oxide phase of cassiterite, rutile and wolframite with quartz and tourmaline, followed by extensive base metal sulphide mineralization.

Major Minerals:

Cassiterite, chalcopyrite, pyrite, sphalerite

Minor Minerals:

Arsenopyrite, galena, stannite group minerals, marcasite, wolframite, rutile

Trace Minerals:

Include monoclinic pyrrhotite, native bismuth, bismuth sulphosalts, native gold


Euhedral cassiterite has small rutile inclusions, is twinned and surrounded by stannite group minerals, arsenopyrite and chalcopyrite. Arsenopyrite has stannite inclusions. Chatcopyrite carries pyrrhotite and exsolved sphalerite. Sphalerite carries pyrrhotite and stannite group mineral inclusions and has suffered chalcopyrite disease. It is replaced by stannite. Galena has silver sulphosalt inclusions


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