Copper-silver polymetallic veins. Ballycummisk, County Cork, Ireland

Small polymetallic sulphide-oxide quartz veins of Hercynian age cut Upper Palaeozoic sediments within the Munster Basin. The ores of Ballycummisk were mined in the nineteenth century and are associated with a quartz, chlorite and siderite gangue.

Major Minerals:

Haematite, chalcopyrite, silver-bearing tetrahedrite

Minor Minerals:

Molybdenite, pyrite

Trace Minerals:

Include magnetite, bornite, chalcocite, galena, native gold, native bismuth, bismuthinite, bismuth sulphosalts


Lath-shaped haematite is enclosed within chalcopyrite. Chalcopyrite and tetrahedrite form coarse-grained symplectite-like intergrowths


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