Zinc-lead-silver ore. Le Pulec, Jersey, Channel Islands

Zinc-lead-silver dolomite veins cut Brioverian sediments close to an exposed granite in northwest Jersey. They were unsuccessfully mined in the nineteenth century.

Major Minerals:


Minor Minerals:

Chalcopyrite, galena

Trace Minerals:

Include argentian tetrahedrite (freibergite), bournonite, stibnite, plagionite, native antimony, cubanite, bornite and pyrite


Coarse-grained sphalerite has chalcopyrite disease and small crystallographically oriented tetrahedrite inclusions. Chalcopyrite, with cubanite lamellae within it, and galena form rims about sphalerite. Galena carries intergrowths of tetrahedrite-bournonite-native antimony. Tetrahedrite has colour-zoning, is argentian and has replacement rims of bournonite with minor chalcopyrite. Discrete lath-shaped crystals of stibnite are present in dolomite


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