Navan, County Meath, Ireland

The deposit has the characteristic mineralogy of Irish-type deposits. Stratiform galena-sphalerite lenses are hosted by Middle to Upper Courceyan shallow-water carbonates, with minor pyritic mineralization in the overlying boulder conglomerates.

Major Minerals:

Iron-poor sphalerite, galena, marcasite, pyrite

Minor Minerals:

Semseyite, bournonite, freibergite, pyrargyrite, boulangerite, cylindrite

Trace Minerals:

Include franckeite, argyrodite and jordanite


Sphalerite, galena and baryte show rhythmical lamination (bedding parallel), graded bedding and soft sediment disruption. Pyrite/marcasite, sphalerite and galena show stalactitic forms. Crustiform. sphalerite, galena, pyrite, marcasite, calcite, dolomite and baryte are associated with void-infilling of breccia zones or cross-cut the rhythmical ore. Galena carries fine-grained sulphosalt inclusions along grain boundaries. Locally, pyrite and marcasite form framboid-rich layers.


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