Oxclose Mine, South Pennine Orefield, Britain

A fluorite flat is associated with a cross-cutting vein system within Carboniferous Limestone.

Major Minerals:

Bravoite, sphalerite, galena, pyrite, marcasite

Minor Minerals:

Chalcopyrite, nickeliferous pyrite, nickeliferous marcasite

Trace Minerals:

Includes covelline


Euhedral crystals of bravoite, pyrite and chalcopyrite lie along growth zones in fluorite, baryte and calcite. Compositionally zoned bravoite shows changes in morphology (cubes and dodecahedra) and is overgrown by successive rims of nickeliferous pyrite and marcasite, themselves enclosed within pyrite and marcasite. Galena and sphalerite are inclusion-free and often rhythmically interbanded. Sphalerite shows faint colour banding


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