Opaque and ore minerals associated with basic and ultrabasic igneous rocks

Opaque associations in extraterrestrial rocks


Lunar rocks

Opaque associations in unmineralized terrestrial rocks

Alteration and oxidation of basalt

Basalts and dolerites


Mafic and ultramafic xenoliths

Primary assemblages

Weathering of basalts

Magmatic deposits associated with basic and ultrabasic rocks

Iron-titanium-chromium oxides in ultramafic rocks

Chromite deposits

Chromite deposits: Stratiform deposits

Chromite deposits: Bushveld, Republic of South Africa

Chromite deposits: Zimbabwe

Chromite deposits: Shetland Islands (Podiform chromite)

Titanium deposits

Magnetite deposits

Sulphide assemblages in unmineralized and weakly mineralized ultramafic rocks

Bushveld, Republic of South Africa


Dunite-peridotite association

Gabbro association

Intrusive dunite


Nickel-copper sulphide deposits

Stillwater Complex, Montana, USA

Sudbury Complex, Ontario, Canada

Volcanic peridotite