Opaque and ore minerals associated with sedimentary rocks


Black carbonaceous shale-hosted copper deposits

Bog iron ores

Carbonate-hosted Irish-type deposits

Chemical precipitates in lakes

Clay ironstones, blackband ironstones

Clinton ores


Iron formations (banded iron formations)

Lateritic nickel deposits


Manganese carbonates in limestones and dolomites

Manganese deposits

Mineralized sedimentary rocks

Minette-type ores

Mississippi Valley-type

Oxidation of sulphides and supergene enrichment


Placers: Fossil placers

Quartz-clay-glauconite associations

Red bed copper deposits

Sandstone-hosted uranium-vanadium and base metal deposits

Sandstones and siltstones

Sedimentary iron ores

Sedimentary-hosted base metal deposits

Sedimentary-volcanogenic manganese deposits

Shales and mudstones

Stratiform copper-silver ores in green siliciclastics

Syngenetic exhalative lead-zinc deposits in shales and carbonates (Mount Isa type)

Unmineralized clastic rocks

Unmineralized sediments