Polishing characteristics and problems(b,f)

Adventitiously introduced metals and grinding grit, dried immersion oil and amalgam(a)

Ilmenite and magnetite in basalts and dolerites(c,f)

Altered iron-titanium oxides in alkali olivine basalt(a,c-f)

Magmatic iron-titanium ores (b,c)

Unmineralized intermediate rocks(a,b,e)

Porphyry copper and molybdenum ores(a-c)

Massive sulphides in ophiolites(f)

Massive sulphides within ophiolites(a)

High-temperature tin-tungsten-bismuth mineralization(e)

Copper, iron and low temperature tin mineralization(d)

Unmineralized sandstones(a-f)

Oxide placer deposits(a,c,d)

Manganese minerals(e)

Clay ironstones and oolitic iron ores(c-f)

Iron formations and bauxite(a-f)

Supergene enrichment of copper ores( a-f)



Magmatic iron-titanium ores(a-f)

Unmineralized intermediate rocks(e,f)


Sulphides within ultramafic rocks in ophiolites(a-f)


Tellurides associated with gold mineralization(e)