Ilmenite, magnetite, maghaemite and TiO2 minerals. Clee Hills, Shropshire, Britain

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A lobate crystal of ilmenite (pink-brown, centre) is surrounded by magnetite (pink-brown, slightly deeper colour, centre bottom, right and centre left). Magnetite has oxidation-exsolution lamellae of ilmenite (centre bottom, oriented east-west) and is extensively altered to a fine-grained intergrowth of maghaemite (white) and TiO2 minerals (blue-grey, low reflectance, centre right). Pyroxene (grey, right) and plagioclase (strong light coloured internal reflections, left) are the main silicates. Lath-shaped apatite crystals (bottom left) occur within the plagioclase.

Polished block, plane polarized light, x 160, oil

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