Ilmenite, magnetite, TiO2 minerals and maghaemite. Clee Hills, Shropshire, Britain

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Characteristic lobate crystals of ilmenite (pink-brown, left) are intergrown with plagioclase (featureless) and, to a lesser extent, with pyroxene (grey, top right). Ilmenite (right centre) is intergrown with magnetite (brown-pink, right centre, below ilmenite) which has thin oxidation-exsolution lamellae of ilmenite. Magnetite has altered to TiO2 minerals (blue-grey, centre right) and minor maghaemite (white, centre right) which enclose relict ilmenite lamellae. Acicular crystals of apatite (white, internal reflections) are present within plagioclase (centre bottom and bottom right).

Polished block, plane polarized light, x 160, oil

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